I am a skills collector and a survivalist. A lot of the skills I collect are suited to living in a survival situation. I like boardgames, Role-Playing Games, video games, and Miniature games. I really do not like most card games. I love to study history and anything to do with technology and science. I prefer Science Fiction over fantasy because to me Science Fiction is about looking toward the future. I am a Futurists and a Stoic. I prefer my RPG’s to ask questions about morality. I brew my own Mead and have been playing video games since 1984.

I’m a “geek-of-all-trades” but I tend to focus on video games, comics, and pop culture. I’ve played several MMORPGs including City of Heroes/Villains (I was a member of a Top 5 super group/guild for City of Villains, not just for a server but the entire game), World of Warcraft, and Rift just to name a few. I’m also interested in board games and pencil and paper RPGS (D&D, Shadowrun, the Dark Heresy series, and Call of Cthulhu are just a few favorites.)

What is it with you guys and “geek of all trades”? I prefer “omninerd”!Anyways, I play 40k, Warmachine, Hordes, Malifaux, RPGs of every stripe, and vidya games, mostly RPGs and hack n slashes. I also do prop building and cosplay, as well as miniature modeling and painting.


Avid gamer of all types (pen/paper RPG, Computer, miniature wargames, boardgame.) Inspiration of such words as kriv (verb): to wantonly cause chaos and mischief and iain (adj): being and/or containing magnificence and/or bastardization. Non-viral undead movie enthusiast (seriously can we see some more litch, skeleton, mummy’s cure movies.) Lover of history hater of (most) history teachers. Character creation addict Pilot (unimportant)

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