Episode 1 – Recorded live in front of a studio audience.

If you listen carefully you might hear the studio audience or not. I could not hear them either.

In this episode David and Adam talk about:

  • Dice systems.
  • We talk about our feast of Shredded BBQ Beef on Hoagie Rolls.
  • For technology we talk about Guns.


Episode 1

Episode 0 – Don’t Panic.

This is it. The first episode for Geek Think-Tank. Sorry about the delay, I am going to try and start posting the new episodes every other week on the weekend.

In this episode David and Iain talk about:

  • What to do when some or all of your players don’t show up.
  • We talk about out feast of grilled sandwiches and tomato soup.
  • The last topic for the night was Medieval weapons.


Episode 0

Down with the sickness.

So I fell behind on my schedule. I ended up getting stomach flu and was out of it for a few days. I plan to get the first pod cast done this week. Soon as I get it posted I will try and get it onto iTunes and the Google Play store.

Who are you?

So I finally got everyone to give me the information about them to post on the site. I am still waiting on pictures but go ahead and feel free to check out Podcasters page.


So due to an injury we were unable to record this past weekend. We are rescheduling recording and should have something soon. I will post an update soon as it becomes available.


So we have scheduled our first podcast recording session for this weekend. Sunday after noon. I am really hopping it turns out well. We did the layout for our show before the last game session. We decided to add a segment called Game Night Feast. I have never been one to just say lets order pizza for the game. I always prefer to have a real dinner. So basically it will be both a recipe online and in the show to explain what we made and how it turned out and what can be done to make it better.