Episode 4 – Snap Crackle Pop, removed for you Convenience

If you listen carefully you might hear the distortions I had to remove from the audio. I am not sure what caused it but I have my suspicions. JAVA UPDATES!

In this episode David, Iain and Mikey talk about:

  • What we look for in a GM.
  • Mikey’s Character Creation Corner.


Episode 4


Thank you Audacity.

I heard a booming voice say your welcome David right in my head as I typed out the title. So after listening to the recording of episode 4 I found about 10 minutes of Mikey’s Character Creation Corner had all of the pops and brakes in the audio. Thankfully Audacity was able to remove them because I did not want to have to cut it out. This is turning out to be the longest podcast we have at at 51 Minutes.


If you are reading this random woman that liked our page on Facebook, Iain does not believe you are real.

Episode 3 – No angry letters!

In this episode David, Iain and Chris talk about:

  • Contemporary world leaders Genghis Khan & Theodore Roosevelt and there debate on how to end world hunger.


Episode 3




Dan Carlin’s hardcore history http://www.dancarlin.com/disp.php/hh To Quote Iain “half of what I know about Genghis is from him”